Aikido Academy

Of Martial Arts "Where self-defense is a science"

Welcome to our dojo where we teach Nihon Goshin Aikido

Japansese Self-Defense

We not only teach technique, we build character through inner-strength, courage, vision, respect and discipline. The spiritual side of martial arts is not ignored.

Come in and watch a class and see what we do!

The goals of Aikido training:

* The training is geared for the average person
* Practical study of techniques from different martial arts
* Ending or avoidance of confrontation and conflict
* An atmosphere of trust and relaxation with an emphasis on safety
* Well organized program of instruction
* We train instructors how to teach
* Classes that are entertaining and friendly
* Each of us is unique - we learn at different levels at different speeds

Sensei Elliott Schwartz (San-Dan)